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As of June 2007 the participatory interface of the project is being finished. Direct contributions should be possible later this summer. In the meantime, you are welcome to participate by using this form (membership required).

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  Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 12:09:12 pm  
What is vernacular architecture? A short definition, and a long(er) one.
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'Released by' showcases personal - professional notes related to Ethnoarch webmaster's current work. In other words, this is Ethnoarch's blog.
The section also details new content added to the site, technical improvements and, in general, how is going.
July 15, 2008 Journal

“Sustainability” and Indigenous Building – Submitting a Paper
On a paper submission for the IASTE 20th anniversary conference. Click here to read
July 12, 2007 Journal
Ethnoarch Design - Technical update
Ethnoarch content addition

Stories of Buildings, Building Stories…
Ethnoarch is launching today a new section. From now on, the home page will greet visitors with short stories about building, coming from all around the world... Click here to read
June 17, 2007 Journal
Ethnoarch Design - Technical update

On finding and then funding…
Some reflections on funding this project, or any other project for that matter, and the dichotomy of the aid as charity and the "aid as business." Click here to read
April 16, 2007 Journal on Architect Magazine
This is a note on the publication of an article about on the printed and online versions of Architect Magazine. This article is an important acknowledgement of the effort of putting together this project, and an encouragement to continue towards new phases of development. Click here to read
March 28, 2007 Reading

The Sears architect
On Michael Graves and prefabricated houses, an area in which Colin Davies says architects have done rather poorly. However, are we back in the game? Click here to read
February 11, 2007 Journal
Ethnoarch Design - Technical update

A building paradox
Starting to post again some reflections here, in order to refresh the contents while I finish the invisible task of Ethnoarch's technical setup (working in this moment on the participatory area of the site). I expect to post at least one of these reflections every two weeks. They come from reading material for school.
This one talks about the world's housing deficit problem, and how it might never be completely solved because of a sort of housing-specific version of Achilles and the Turtle's paradox. But also, where are we architects, and our fondness for creating objects in the middle of that paradox? Click here to read
January 9, 2007 Ethnoarch Design - Technical update

So, the database is public!
This is a hyper-linked tour of Ethnoarch's database. You are encouraged to take this tour, as it gives an idea of what this project is about, and why it's organized the way it is. Click here to read
December 17, 2006 Journal
Ethnoarch Design - Technical update

The “global mid-price hotel”
Ethnoarch's database is public, and this announcement comes from a special place... Click here to read
December 4, 2006 Ethnoarch content addition

Frequently Asked Questions About
This is a much-necessary, and much-delayed FAQ document, that I have been finally forced to clean up (began writing it in 2003). I am uploading it as part of the preparation work to make the database public. Click here to read
December 2, 2006 Journal
Ethnoarch Design - Technical update

Database: Getting there… (Get ready to register!)
I previously published a note about the crucial update to Ethnoarch in relation to the traditional buildings database, which is the main, and long delayed, purpose of this website. I was so busy working on the database that even publishing the note took two months, but I am happy to report, three more months after, that I finished the work. The translation work ended, and also the very critical online importing of the bilingual database, which turned out to be a considerably heavy document to put online, 20 megabytes, something that made the uploading work a little complicated. But there is more than that; more databases are ready, and the work in general is only a few days away from being public. This is, then, a good moment to register as a member. Click here to read
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