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• The graphic on the left, from nineteenth century's Smith geography textbook, was supposed to show the "types" belonging to a human race, the "Yellow" or "Mongolian" one. Anthropologists today state that such race-based worldview was an invention, and that differences between human groups are actually related to learned cultural behavior.
The much-necessary (for classification purposes) division on groups made here at is based on one such cultural aspect, which is language. This page, accordingly, presents a list of 7,300 or so existing language groups in the world, following the naming and coding classification by SIL's Ethnologue.
Clicking on each group's name will take you to a page with general information on its architecture. Clicking on its image will take you directly to the group's architectural types page.

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Name, Location and SIL Three-Letter Code
Secoya SIL code: sey
Group number: 6074
Ecuador, Peru
When asked about their distinctive architectural types the Secoya mention two, named Huetara Huë'e and Tui'que Huë'e. The Huetara Huë'e, models of which have not been built in at least…
Kilivila SIL code: kij
Group number: 3442
Papua New Guinea
Trobriand Islands, northwest sector of the Kula ring. This is the area where anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski lived around 1915 - 16. Many pictures Malinowski took and later published in his…
Fang SIL code: fan
Group number: 2400
Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, São Tomé e Príncipe
Hai||om SIL code: hgm
Group number: 2829
Namibia, South Africa
Quichua, Imbabura Highland SIL code: qvi
Group number: 5793
Ghotuo SIL code: aaa
Group number: 550
Alumu-Tesu SIL code: aab
Group number: 551
Ari SIL code: aac
Group number: 552
Papua New Guinea
Amal SIL code: aad
Group number: 553
Papua New Guinea
Albanian, Arbëreshë SIL code: aae
Group number: 554
Aranadan SIL code: aaf
Group number: 555
Arifama-Miniafia SIL code: aai
Group number: 556
Papua New Guinea
Ankave SIL code: aak
Group number: 557
Papua New Guinea
Afade SIL code: aal
Group number: 558
Nigeria, Cameroon
Aramanik SIL code: aam
Group number: 559
Anambé SIL code: aan
Group number: 560
Arabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken SIL code: aao
Group number: 561
Algeria, Niger
Arára, Pará SIL code: aap
Group number: 562
Abnaki, Eastern SIL code: aaq
Group number: 563
United States
Afar SIL code: aar
Group number: 564
Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea
Aasáx SIL code: aas
Group number: 565
Albanian, Arvanitika SIL code: aat
Group number: 566
Abau SIL code: aau
Group number: 567
Papua New Guinea
Solong SIL code: aaw
Group number: 568
Papua New Guinea
Mandobo Atas SIL code: aax
Group number: 569
Aariya SIL code: aay
Group number: 570
Amarasi SIL code: aaz
Group number: 571
Abé SIL code: aba
Group number: 572
Côte d'Ivoire
Bankon SIL code: abb
Group number: 573
Ayta, Ambala SIL code: abc
Group number: 574
Agta, Camarines Norte SIL code: abd
Group number: 575
Abnaki, Western SIL code: abe
Group number: 576
Abai Sungai SIL code: abf
Group number: 577
Abaga SIL code: abg
Group number: 578
Papua New Guinea
Arabic, Tajiki Spoken SIL code: abh
Group number: 579
Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
Abidji SIL code: abi
Group number: 580
Côte d'Ivoire
Aka-Bea SIL code: abj
Group number: 581
Abkhaz SIL code: abk
Group number: 582
Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine
Abung SIL code: abl
Group number: 583
Abanyom SIL code: abm
Group number: 584
Abua SIL code: abn
Group number: 585
Abon SIL code: abo
Group number: 586
Ayta, Abenlen SIL code: abp
Group number: 587
Abaza SIL code: abq
Group number: 588
Russia, Germany, Turkey
Abron SIL code: abr
Group number: 589
Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire
Malay, Ambonese SIL code: abs
Group number: 590
Indonesia, Netherlands, United States
Ambulas SIL code: abt
Group number: 591
Papua New Guinea
Abure SIL code: abu
Group number: 592
Côte d'Ivoire
Arabic, Baharna Spoken SIL code: abv
Group number: 593
Bahrain, Oman
Pal SIL code: abw
Group number: 594
Papua New Guinea

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