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Cesáreo, an old Secoya (Pai_coca) speaker.
Author:  G. Arboleda

Image No.:  7864
Code No.:  F01I25-IV-03

Approx. shoot date:  
January 25, 2001
Date uploaded:  
September 23, 2006

Orig. File Size:  55 MB
Original Media:  Film

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  Material culture  People  Elders  Men  Film  50-100 MB  2001  Ecuador  Arboleda, G.  Projects  Secoya

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Place Ecuador – Sucumbíos. Aguarico River, between Siehuaya and Remolino.
Description Cesáreo Piaguaje, in his eighties and enterito, full of energy. Cesáreo is one of the oldest Pai_coca speakers alive (very likely the oldest). This picture was taken in 2001. He is shown driving his motorboat up the Aguarico River, from Siehuaya and back to his house in Remolino.

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