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“Fang young men, Spanish Guinea [Today’s Equatorial Guinea].” An early 1900s photograph.
Author:  Günter Tessmann

Image No.:  7861
Code No.:  E06IX14Tessmann1913-I-5

Approx. shoot date:  
Circa 1913
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September 23, 2006

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Original Media:  Printout

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  People  Men  Printout  50-100 MB  1910-1920  Equatorial Guinea  Other authors

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Place Equatorial Guinea.
Description A group of Fang young men, as portrayed in Günter Tessmann's 1913 ethnography on this Equatorial Guinea group. The original caption in this book describes them as being from "Fam. Essáuong and Omwang, Spanish Guinea [Today's Equatorial Guinea]."

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