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Image described in this page
“Armshells brought from Kitava.”
Author:  Bronislaw Malinowski

Image No.:  7853
Code No.:  E06VIII24Malinowski-pl60

Approx. shoot date:  
October, 1915
Date uploaded:  
August 29, 2006

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Original Media:  Printout

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  Material culture  People  Men  Printout  50-100 MB  1910-1920  Papua New Guinea  Other authors

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Place Papua New Guinea - Trobriand Islands. Omarakana.
Description The caption of this image in Malinowski's "Argonauts" reads: "The personal share of To'uluwa from the haul of armshells brought to Omarakana in October, 1915."
To'uluwa was the chief of Omarakana (Trobriand Islands), during the time the anthropologist was doing his fieldwork in the area. In the picture, two unidentified traders carry the armshells that were destined to the chief, as a norm of the Kula system, or trade of socially important objects between people from distant places.

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