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Woman weaving outside of hut.
Author:  Unknown

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Code No.:  E06V21-Mason-fig59

Approx. shoot date:  
Circa 1899
Date uploaded:  
May 26, 2006

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Original Media:  Printout

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  Material culture  Built landscape  Indigenous building  Natural Landscape  People  Women  Printout  100-300 MB  1890-1900  USA  Other authors  Building materials - other  Stone - Concrete  Woods  19th century architecture  Building - date unknown  Architecture - Exterior

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Place United States.
Description Image from "Woman's Share in Primitive Culture," a late 19th century anthropology book. The image shows a woman of an unidentified group weaving in front of her hut. The caption makes an exotic construction of a harsh reality, by describing her as "Atropos [name of the Greek supra-goddess] drawing out the thread or weft of life."

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