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“Albuquerque’s oldest house.” Façade (View from the south).
Author:  G. Arboleda

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Code No.:  D05VIII18-I-05781

Approx. shoot date:  
August 17, 2005
Date uploaded:  
May 26, 2006

Orig. File Size:  14.4 MB
Original Media:  Digital

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  Built landscape  Vernacular building  Cities  Albuquerque  Digital  10-20 MB  2005  USA  Arboleda, G.  Mud  Woods  18th century architecture  Architecture - Exterior

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Place United States – New Mexico. Albuquerque, Church street, near the Old Town Plaza.
Description Façade (viewed from the south) of the house popularly regarded as Albuquerque's oldest. There does not seem to exist conclusive evidence of its being actually the city's oldest house, but it indeed looks convincingly old.

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