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Kouta’uya and his houses.
Author:  Bronislaw Malinowski

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Approx. shoot date:  
Circa 1917
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May 26, 2006

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Original Media:  Printout

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  Built landscape  Indigenous building  People  Men  Printout  100-300 MB  1910-1920  Papua New Guinea  Other authors  Thatching  Woods  20th century architecture  Building - date unknown  Architecture - Exterior

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Place Papua New Guinea – Trobriand Islands. Sinaketa.
Description This late 1910s photograph, taken by Polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, shows Kouta'uya, a Trobriand Islands chief in his mini-compound of local architectural types. He is posing in front of a decorated yam storehouse. Behind, on the left, we can see a lisiga, or house for his personal use, which was different to the houses to be shared with each of his wives.

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